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Docmo Digs: 2

It often seems that everyone hides failures and decorates achievements.  Gary Vaynerchuk‘s (often unrefined) brand shines a rare spotlight onto the reality that failure is truly an ingredient in the recipe for success.

So, in honor of recognizing the failures that have shaped me, I confess to you:
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Docmo Digs: 1

I believe Monday afternoon is as good a time as any for our maiden Docmo Discernment! We’ll quote the band Pepper.  Share if you aspire to be so-mature! I sure do.

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Automated Proposals

Docmo automates proposal and contract preparation… after you import your data, Docmo knows which documents are required and what information goes where. It even emails your documents to the right people! Watch Docmo in action…
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Up for Air

Logo official. Absolute unit.

After only almost a year since our first post, it’s time to share an update for our (very surely, by now) millions of fans!

Good: I learned how terrible, horrible, no good, very bad I am at forecasting all that’s necessary for launch. I must (read: aspire to) take after Elon Musk.

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Docmo says Hello World!

Sneak peek at the (in development) Tag Dictionary – this is where you state what goes where.

We are Docmo and we come to disrupt the document preparation industry!

I’m so excited to have our servers up and running!  The website needs more work and much more content is coming but I felt compelled to make a quick blog post.  So, I’ll share some about our progress….

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