Automation is getting smarter.
Don't get left behind.
Languishing businesses solve problems with busywork:

Proposals take hours or days to prepare

Repeated copy/pasting

Data re-entry

Constant switching between files

Human error

Don't languish.

your (technical, proposal, and legal) docs can be automatically prepared.


they're not too complicated.

Docmo specializes in automating
human tasks and decisions.

Docmo is an Excel-based system for
automatic and dynamic
document preparation.

(Best for proposal, technical, and legal documents
which are never the same.)

No one likes busywork.

documents are prepared on every $10MM construction project.


of these documents are populated partially or completely by hand.

"Docmo has really increased efficiency for my staff.
We absolutely love it!"
Nancy Tran

Director of Sales, Nemko USA

100% consistency. 100% smart automation.

Fill and format templates using content from any app, spreadsheet or document... dynamically.

Compatible with any app

Getting the data you need from other apps is a breeze. We can help you connect via API, direct connection, or even just an export.

Fill and format templates

Our proprietary Tag Action system enables dynamically filling and formatting content. Pull content from other Word and Excel files, databases and apps. Populate images, charts, auto-numbered headings, paragraphs, and much more.

Dynamically include content

Docmo knows what content to include and exclude. Excel formulas (like If and Vlookup) select which paragraphs, calculations, templates, etc. are appropriate.

Install and setup?

15 minutes

Automate a simple document?

< 1 hour

Or check out our Setup Packages and Professional Services.

Docmo is the smartest way to
prepare documents.

You own your data; it never touches our servers.


Anyone comfortable with Excel can setup and maintain Docmo.


Prompt, knowledgeable and helpful.