Logo official. Absolute unit.

After only almost a year since our first post, it’s time to share an update for our (very surely, by now) millions of fans!

Good: I learned how terrible, horrible, no good, very bad I am at forecasting all that’s necessary for launch. I must (read: aspire to) take after Elon Musk.

Bad: We missed… our target of a public launch in spring of this year.

What’s happened: Beta testing has yielded wonderful results!  Branding is finalized (expect a post on this sometime soon, but for now, I hope you like our official logo!).  User account management, payment processing, deployment/installation, update distribution, device registration, client authentication and preliminary compatibility testing are all finished!!! Also, hundreds of conversations, many designer interviews, several mentor sessions, two pitch competitions and at least a few cappuccinos were had.

What’s next: Video animations should be done this month.  Publish official Docmo videos (existing video content will be replaced).  Negotiate advertising campaigns.