Unlimited users, single sign-on.



$0.67 per document.



$0.61 per document.

Metered usage. Prices include up to 300 documents generated per month; $0.61 per generated document thereafter. Bulk pricing available.

Setup Packages


Included with every subscription.
Best for those comfortable with Excel and Excel formulas.

1-Hour Screenshare


We'll show you around Docmo and help you get started in the right direction

Full-Service (Optional)

Best for getting up and running fastest. Integrations not included.
Send us your templates and an example dataset; we'll handle everything else!

Level 1


About 4 Templates and 50 Tags.

Best for small departments.

Level 2


About 10 Templates and 150 Tags.

Best for medium-sized departments.

Larger full-service packages are available via Professional Services.

Retainer (Optional)

Best for adding more each month.
Dedicated support and development with pre-scheduled meetings. No delays in availability. 4 month minimum.

5 Hours


Biweekly meetings.

Professional guidance and development of small components.

10 Hours


Biweekly meetings.

Professional development of small features.

20 Hours


Weekly meetings.

Professional development of moderate features and fast implementation.