Frequently Asked Questions
What's the story?

Once upon a time... there was a software development shop in San Diego, CA. They built products in Excel and acquired a few big clients like Dell, Thermo Fisher and University of California.

Many clients needed document automation solutions. This involved collecting data, preparing content, and filling it into templates.

After building many document automation products, they decided to package the features into a flexible product at a more accessible price point!

Where are you located?

Houston, TX.

Who uses Docmo?

Engineering, Sales and Contracts departments.

Why Excel?

Excel is designed for gathering and reformatting data. Do you need data from some other apps to make some calcs and charts that go into a document? No problem.

One... more... app?

Not exactly... Platforms hold data. Protocols move data. Docmo is a protocol, so keep your data and documents where they are. We'll logically connect them.

Unlimited users?

Yep! No per-user fees and no logins. Anyone you approve can use Docmo.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes! Please schedule a demo and request one.

Want to see if Docmo can handle your most complicated documents?