On-site Microsoft Excel Training

Working smarter.
Getting the job done faster.
Building sustainable and scalable spreadsheets.

Training Format

Every training is tailored to you. Choose a training format or a mix of both.


Classroom lecture format.

Best for getting comfortable with new features, mastering old features, and understanding best-practices.

Great for departments and groups.


Conversational and interactive.

Best for addressing current problems and projects in real-time.

Students are welcome to stay for the entire duration to ask and listen, or to drop in with a couple questions.


Email the address at the top of this page to book.


Our Founder and CEO is our instructor; he has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Clemson University and has professionally developed millions of dollars' worth of Excel-based software.

He created the coursework for and is co-instructor of UC San Diego Extension's "Advanced Excel..." course which launched in 2016.

Lee Gilley

Owner, Docmo

  1. Navigation (the ribbon, zoom, hiding rows/columns, freezing panes)
  2. Printing
  3. Formatting cells, rows, columns and sheets
  4. Formatting text
  5. Working with shapes
  6. Basic formulas (absolute and relative references, arithmetic, understanding parameters)
  7. Hyperlinks
  8. Sorting and filtering
  9. Importing text or .csv
  10. Data tools (flash fill, remove duplicates, text to columns)
  11. Custom lists and data types
  1. Named ranges
  2. Commenting and sharing
  3. Charting and sparklines
  4. Slicers
  5. Hotkeys
  6. Tables and pivot tables
  7. Advanced formulas (logic, lookup, text and date, mathematics)
  8. Tracing and error checking formulas
  9. Data validation and dropdown menus
  10. Conditional formatting
  11. Protecting sheets and cells
  12. Querying external sources (web, database, spreadsheet)
  13. Macros, automation, and VBA

We're located in Houston, TX.


$400 for the first hour and $300/hr afterwards. Multi-session and monthly on-site retainer pricing available.


A projector or big screen, and friendly folks eager to improve!